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5 Shocking Things Your Security Company will not tell you

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Security companies in Malta might not tell you these 5 shocking things in order to get your business sit down because this will shock you.

1. Wireless Alarm Systems: Companies might be interested in making a quick buck. Dealing in messy wiring decreases their profit margins and increases your cost so they quote you for wireless systems. Not only will this cost you in the long term as the batteries in these systems will need to be replaced but also a conventional ham radio operating at the same frequency as your detectors can overpower them. When it comes to security wired systems are the most dependable.

2. Cheap CCTV: Companies will try to sell you very low priced CCTV products. These older analog systems are reliable but cannot match the functionality of IP Systems. IP Systems can be of much higher quality of AHD cameras and can be wired to the nearest network outlet. Unless you simply cannot afford it avoid this product.

3. COAX Cable: Coaxial cable should be avoided whenever possible. Not only newer IP systems cannot be used over it but nowadays sheeted Cat 6A Cable exists which is much more flexible and opens up all the range of possibilities of IP systems.

4. Maintenance “Free” Products: Suppliers might claim their products are maintenance free just to get the sale. In reality all fire and intruder alarm detectors should be inspected at least every six months. WiFi system security updates are usually available every quarter and CCTV cameras will not be effective if the lens is dirty so no product can be maintenance free.

5. Connected Systems: Yes it would be great if you could have one app that does it all but in a security scenario every system should be kept separate. Various smart lock hacking videos exist and you really don’t want your alarm system or your CCTV system to be in the same basket now would you ?

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