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5 Ways to Protect your ELV systems during a Maltese Lightning Storm

Yesterday’s storm effects
Storm Malta

Yesterday’s storm was entertaining for some to watch but to others it brought sleepless nights and damages to their systems. Here are our top tips for protecting your systems this winter.

1. Turn it off : what should be a no brainer you should disable your alarm system as it will wake you and the rest of the street up in the middle of the night. Leaking roofs and alarm systems are also a guaranteed 1am trip to disable the alarm.

2. Install a surge arrester: you should contact an electrician to install a surge arrester to protect your appliances in case of a surge of power from the public grid that could cause you thousands in damages. These devices are inexpensive and worth their weight in gold.

3. Have a UPS installed: Uninterrupted Power Supplies are batteries that can keep your essential systems such as Intercom and CCTV running even during a power cut as a bonus these systems also have in built surge protection.

4. Have surge suppressors fitted: All your external cameras should have surge suppressors to transfer any lightning strike to ground.

5. Check that your cabinet is properly grounded. All network cabinets should be grounded via a clean earth by the electrician check this cable regularly to make sure it has not come loose.

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