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6 CCTV Facts

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Q: Will my CCTV work without internet ?

A: Yes recording is still going on to the recorder’s hard drive although you will be cut off from viewing the recording until the internet issues are fixed

Q: Why is CCTV Important ?

A: Vandals, Theft, Employee procrastination, Other people dumping litter and pet manure in front of your business, illegal parking the list is endless

Q:Why is my image blurry ?

A: Your camera might need a cleanup otherwise zooming in and out will do the trick of resetting the focus.

Q:Do I really need CCTV in my small business if I’m running it ?

A: Yes ! In a few months you might need employees, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of clients entering your business or you might get sidetracked by an accomplice while the burglar makes away with your stock.

Q: Why is my image black and white ?

A: When there is not enough light your camera will switch over to infrared mode. This is normal when little light is available.

Q: Can I share footage from CCTV on Facebook ?

A: You totally can if your cameras are facing the street. The community might even find and report the vandal to law enforcement.

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