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Our top 5 tips to stay safe this winter

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Theft is on the increase in Malta

As a quick look to our blog will show and another instance of a series of eight robberies that came to light yesterday there is no denying that crime is on the increase. That said these are our top tips to stay safe.

1. Be realistic; do you think that €150 alarm on your ebay will do the trick ? Your home costs thousands and spending a bit more for a quality product will go a long way. These alarms are not BS compliant and will not ring if interference is detected as shown in this video.

2. Clean it up; Dirty facades, overstuffed mailboxes and overgrown yards only say one thing. This place is not taken care of this makes it a prime target for burglars.

3. Secure your roof access; burglars can get in to common areas and homes by entering a building in the same block. Low privacy walls don’t guarantee protection.

4. Be Respectful to your Neighbors; So many people discount the fact that their neighbors might be the first people alerted in the case of a robbery. Maintaining good relationships and not annoying them with false alarms will help you stay more secure.

5. Have a professional assess your home; a professional secures tens of homes per week so is in the best position to offer you advice to secure your home. They will guide you on what system will suit your needs best and help you choose from the plethora of options available.


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