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The silent killer in your house

With rising electricity prices and our push to natural energy sources we are re-introducing into our homes wood burning ovens, gas/ kerosine fired central heating systems and hot water heaters as well as gas fired ovens and hobs.

During the winter months we have the tendency to close all the windows and thus limiting airflow into our houses in order to keep warm. Vents might also have been clogged up with bird’s nest or cobwebs.

Fires in the house suck in a lot of oxygen and when this happens you will start feeling dizzy usually followed by a seizure and eventually death. In the UK there are around 50 such deaths every year.

Whilst we recommend you keep the areas you store these appliances well ventilated we are giving away a free carbon monoxide detector when ordering your intruder alarm

for the month of September.

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Carbon Monoxide can be lethal

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